Sébastien Piquemal

A few concerts are already planned :

  • 19th September : ICMC conference, Athens
  • 10th October : NK Projekt, Berlin
  • 25th October : Third Space, Helsinki
  • 27th October : NordiCHI conference, Helsinki
  • 23th November : Zé dos Bos ICLI conference, Lisbon

With this simple calculator, you can finally brew your fancy tea at the proper temperature!


Tim Shaw and I will present )_Fields_( at ICMC 2014 in Athens, on the 19th of September. Here's a link to the ICMC performance program. We're somewhere there, among hundreds of other pieces.


Here's a video summarizing our 2 workshops organized in Helsinki in April with Irina Spicaka and Krisjanis Rijnieks : Raspberry Pi + Pure Data and Raspberry Pi + Open Frameworks.


Tim Shaw and I will perform /Fields\=/ at the mining institute of Newcastle on the 22nd of June!


A new round of the workshop will take place in Helsinki on April 7 to 13, 2014.

We take applications from February 1 to 23. More info at

Don't be shy, apply!


WebPd as a proof-of-concept has worked quite well so far. It's about time to think about a better, faster, more durable architecture for the library. And so, I started refactoring WebPd last spring.


Last week we held with Latvian artist Krisjanis Rijnieks a duo of workshops around creative coding on Raspberry Pi. Kris handled the visual part with his workshop "Building Visual Synthesizers with Raspberry Pi and openFrameworks", I handled the audio part with the workshop "Building Portable Instruments with Raspberry Pi and Pure Data".


Fields is a networked system exploring new areas of musical performance and audience participation through the use of mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion.

In western culture, attending a concert is the dominant context for live music listening. This tradition is largely codified; there tends to be a clear separation between stage and audience, with the focus on the performers, who are sometimes elevated, physically and culturally, to superhuman status.

Fields stems from a desire to reconfigure the audience-performer relationship. The system allows any audience member to join in, at any time, by simply connecting to a specially designed website with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The connected devices become an array of speakers which the performers can control live, resulting in an omnidirectional sonic experience.

The piece doesn't feature a stage. The performers are sitting among the audience. This intimate setup, is an attempt to demonstrate the potential for enhancement of communal listening through explorations of new aural contexts, and we hope it will become a shared and intimate environment for music listening.

22/06/2014, live Newcastle ▷
08/04/2014, live Helsinki ▷
03/2014, first prototype ▷
Pure Data and Raspberry Pi workshops

Pure Data running like a charm on a Raspberry Pi, opens-up a world of possibilities for live performance. Forget expensive, clumsy, heavy computers and synthesizers. You can program this cheap, lovely, credit-card sized computer to be a synthesizer, a granulator, or something much more crazy... Just drop a few of them in your backpack, and you're ready to play anywhere!

04/2014, workshop Helsinki ▷
10/2013, jam session Riga #2 ▷
10/2013, jam session Riga ▷
05/2013, stream prototype ▷

This is a stream generated continuously from bits of tracks downloaded from SoundCloud. Press play to start listening. This generates mostly random rubish, but it is really just a prototype to test out different technologies.

The tracks are downloaded in the background, an algorithm looks for interesting bits, extracts them and saves them in a database. Then the stream is generated by simply fetching from the database random bits and putting them together.

Note : only ogg stream is available at the moment, so it won't work in Internet Explorer, and might not work in Safari.